Thursday, 7 July 2011

Got me a new phone...

After being burnt with 3 touch screen phones running Windows Mobile 3 and 6, with all of them being retired as paperweight, an assault weapon or as an emergency phone within months... I was sure that I would not go down the touch screen route again... not even the iPhone tempted me enough to ditch the old buttoned phone!

Until one day I walked in the Carephone Wearhouse wondering if there are something worth me looking at, and this kid showed me a HTC Desired Z for about 5 minutes and I found myself Googling it that night. I got it the very next day and have never looked back! (perhaps that is why the CD project has been delayed recently!)

Honestly thou, it does show when a product ticks so many boxes as the Desire Z, even a sceptic like me can be turned... and I've just heard my colleague as well as my girlfriend is eyeing the same phone...

Here's to more blogging on the go!!!


  1. only for the fluffy "guess which sheep is awake at 6am" application! :P

  2. I suspect while you were hyper focused on your fervent and studious phone search, that, in fact, your co-worker has also been ogling your girl. I know I would have rewarded you thusly, you Iphone reject.