Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Overdue perhaps!

Wow, I can't believe how time has flown since my last post, so I guess I'd better blog an update before this year is over!

At Sonneteer, we recently have been on an update spree in the past several months, starting from the Mk.V CD player, followed by the Orton and a couple more on work in progress too! Even the website has been updated (well I guess it's kinda easy to stay in and work with such rubbish weather!)

News is both the Mk.V Bronte and the Byron CD players were received with great enthusiasm, and the baby Bronte CD player has also picked up an award in Japan too... so all very happy.

Most of the updates were done under the skin: a completely new chassis, power supply, CD mechanism and remote... but crucially we kept the same DAC as before which gave our players their legendary sound quality! Several tweaks made to the chassis have also provided significant improvement to the overall sound quality of the CD players too, which can't be bad! Looks wise only a very small visual update on the front panel buttons, now in stainless steel instead of black plastic... just a little sparkle of "bling" so we can tell the Mk.V from the Mk.IV, Mk.III...

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