Sunday, 11 October 2009

Less is definitely more.

Been having a quiet weekend apart from the excitement of having a near disaster with a burst water main at 1 a.m. outside my home! Today I am chilling, getting ready for a busy week ahead for Sonneteer where personally I need to get some ideas on paper by hook or by crook...

Part of any project development is to set out a list of goal functions that the new product must have, nice to have and whatever it can also have. However it is far too easy to over do it just for the sake of having it. Think of it this way, I am at home listening to my Morpheus: It's got over 16,000 channels, 10 presets, linked up to my Buffalo network drive with all my album collections in it... but I am just listening to one of my 3 favourite radio stations online.

Unlike other systems out there, to access all these functions is no more difficult than use than a 90's car stereo, designed to be easily controlled while you are doing something more important. In a car that would be driving, with the Morpheus, that would be listening to your favourite tunes. On the Morpheus there are no fancy graphics, no touch screen, or computers required to work with it. In fact the display of the Morpheus can be programmed so that it switches off after 30 seconds and let you enjoy what you bought the unit for- the music (technically that also improves the sound quality).

One thing that I really like is the remote control for the Morpheus. We did not want to rely on a touch screen thing that you need to look at it every time you want to press a button, or having to charge it daily like a mobile phone. So the Morpheus remote have proper buttons so that after a few days usage you will be using it without even looking at it, and it only needs charging up around once every 6-12 months -from any USB port, including the one on the Morpheus. The battery cycle based on normal usage should last you over 150 years...

So all functions and no gimmicks right? "Erm... but the Morpheus remote has a powerful torch built in*, isn't that a gimmick?" Well, think what you like but when I had that burst water mains incident last night... while all my neighbours were scrambling to find a working torch, I knew exactly where mine was... and it wasn't flat either!


WARNING: Tech Speak!
*For the internal rechargeable battery to last as long as it does, occasionally the battery needs to be subjected to a higher discharge rate than the remote control function can muster. So this gimmicky torch is actually there to wake up the battery every now and then... giving it some exercise! :o)

WARNING: Geek Speak!
A note for the techno-junkies who wants touch screen network control... I would suggest you to buy an i-Pod touch if you haven't got several already. Then spend $5 on a piece of software called the plugplayer (link: and you can control your Morpheus, arrange play lists etc from a different room, if that's what you really want to do.

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