Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Montreal was unreal....

Haider just got back from the Montreal Hi Fi show and sounds like it was a huge show with lots of interest... The colour schemes seems to have gone down well and the Morpheus Server worked flawlessly over the week too... So there you are, the real first production launch of the final unit... you can catch more on our facebook page: Yup! The fabulous Sonneteer Facebook Link! and while you are there why not become a fan too so you can keep up with what's going on at Sonneteer too (erm, thats what I do!)

Next... hmmm... I know it looked like I have been rather lazy on this blog but not really, I have been documenting the progress of the new Morpheus Server and hopefully over Easter weekend I will have some time to put it all together and if I can work it out, embed some videos too!

(ok if that sounds like a bore-fest... you can always watch the F1 GP this weekend and pray for rain again since the FIA have really, trully, finally and ultimately screwed F1 this time... I feel a rant coming on haha... don't worry I won't subject you to that just yet!)

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