Thursday, 3 June 2010

Necessity is the mother of the Morpheus Server...

Right, 2 months no real (or fake) updates... hmmm sorry about that! New years have always been hectic beginning with CES in January, then followed by yet more shows in Japan, Canada, Munich and I think somewhere in there was the Dutch show too (hmm can't remember, must have been a wicked show then!)... So for the last few months the office shouted "Man down!" Erm... sorry, sales, production, shipping was priortrised over the blog thingy....

Anyway, over the months the Morpheus Server went from concept, show sample to full production and this week, we are shipping the last one out of the first production batch... not bad going for a brand new product! I can think of several reasons for that though... Firstly I think it is a smashing looking product in the flesh, really easy to use and finally I think the market is ready for such a product... Opps... I meant the product is finally ready for the market!

The Morpheus Server was born not from an idea, but rather from necessity. We needed a music server to partner our Morpheus Music centre but we could not find something good enough, reliable enough, or easy enough to use. I mean, is that possible for we are not even early adopters! So after months of searching for a suitable product and failing miserably, one day I joked with Haider: "After spending so much time searching and evaluating, we could have built the perfect one by now!" Well, that was back in September. In October we had a prototype running in the office!

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