Sunday, 27 September 2009

China here I come (or went)

Right, been rather busy preparing my trip to China so haven't been around my blog much, and to be honest I wasn't really in the mood of writing about the older Sonneteer products stuff... I hope I've done enough just to kick off the blog and I'm sure I will come back to write about the earlier Sonneteer designs.

Anyway, right now I am on a plane to Amsterdam and then on to China a bit later.... I have already spent 3 days in Milan and the last time I was here I remember spending 10 days sketching the all new Sonneteer conceptual product, aka the BORO project (aka the now Morpheus). So its quite funny that once again starting from Milan, I'm gathering my thoughts and and inspirations for my next design just like back in 2006.

I'm not saying Milan inspires me, its prolly more to do with me being away from it all that helps me getting my ideas down. I have no internet, no phone calls and food cooked for me :). I don't know where the Morpheus look came from but loosely it was inspired by black coffee or crude oil and that insect that walks on water by not breaking the surface tension (water strider)... then I threw in a Movado watch for good measure!

Now if we had the budget, the slope of the surface towards the ball would be much more organic and the black glass would look fluid. However that would require a cast acrylic and some serious polish process which is prohibitively expensive and making the project impossible to happen for a small company like ours. So the compromise of having a large chamfer seem to work perfectly while maintaining the look and made it just about manufacturable. I said just because we had over 25 samples made with different process refinement to get the look right at the right cost! I just wanted it to look really glossy and almost "wet", with the spheres poking out of it.

Morpheus system:

Morpheus close-up:
Trying to get the gloss surface to work with the chamfer to create that surface tention look.

More about the BORO project coming soon... :o)

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