Monday, 28 September 2009

Okay, make it sho!

So what's new? The next project's brief (project grief?!?!) we have in mind is to create a range of products complimenting the Morpheus. We have several ideas so the difficulty is in deciding which one to start with. So all the lines of thought will be running in parallel until we can pick the one that most sense first. As per usual, I have no idea what it will look like yet... so I am just looking around for some inspiration.

I saw this today on the KLM mag and I'm already sure this could come back to haunt me and destroy me, but in the mean time here's a picture to remind me and I can't say too much about it :o)

I find a lot of Dutch designs rather interesting. It is all too easy just to stay with the pack and love the Danes and the Swedes, who are masters of simplicity and neutral look.... and even though all their sofas looks lovely, I probably won't buy one because they never looked that comfy! Get one from Italy please :)

The Dutch ways seems to make me smile! Their designs always managed to convey a certain sense of humour and they are not afraid to be a bit bold with whatever they are doing. Even at their macho best they can still be rather cute. Best of all the Dutch doesn't seem to give you all the typical b.s. like ..."traditional clean simple lines in tune with nature..." blah blah. Instead, they seem say: "Vee make it lijke sho!". If you are interested in designs in general do have a look at their stuff... very cool indeed.

Oh by the way, it's Dutch Design Week soon (17-25 October), have a look if you want to find out more:

Back to that pic, since its not a secret that I like reflective surfaces (re: Sonneteer Byron, Orton Bronte system etc), so no wonder that caught my eye. Mirror reflects its surrounding, it adds another dimension and at the same time "bling". I just can't stop looking at it (not into it!!!) cos it changes all the time and from every angle it's different... but very careful not to over do it!

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