Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Let Jagged pt 2

Like UK, Italy has a tradition for Hi-Fi but that's probably where the similarity ends. For sometime now, their electronics seems to have stuck in the valve age and this suspicion was confirmed after my recent visit to the Milan Hi Fi show. Their speakers are often built like premium Italian furniture (which is nice) and sometimes they even have cows on them (erm, not for me)! They are very traditional warm sounding and a tad romantic in design with their earthy and retro looks. While I'm sure they are still shfiting some units, I personally think they have played that theme to death - just like Jaguar cars did with their "traditional-ness" old hat... until the new XF (below is the prototype).

Jaguar finally realised that all those ivory dials, acres of chrome, polished wood, cow, and with looks dating back to the beautiful Mk2 is just not cutting it anymore with the new breed of luxury car buyers. Jaguar needed to change by getting rid of what they thought people wanted and get some wow factor back on board. Given that they had Rover as a fuddy-duddy barometer, I suppose it wasn't that much of a thumb in the air decision after all.

I think the production XF is a great looking car even though I disagree with their "surprised!" look head lights, which wasn't on their prototype. I got a feeling that was a Ford's touch to remind us who's boss and fair enough, but to me the Ford Ka did a better job as those ones on the Jag reminds me of the Daewoo Matiz 2.... No matter though, this four door Aston looking Jaguar XF would suit me just fine, even with those odd head lights... I'll have mine Black and chrome please!

I think by maintaining the "traditional look and feel" of a brand can wear down a well earned heritage becasue the image of the product is actually standing still and the whole thing just becomes too predictable ("same old, same old...." comes to mind!)... Instead, the focus should perhaps be kept on the very same company ethos that have earned the companay's heritage in the first place.

With Sonneteer our priorities have always been sound quality, innovative design, simplicity and British made... we have had some "same old same old..." issues too, but now our innovative design lives not just under the skin but fronts it aswell.

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