Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Back in action

Haven't managed to type much during most of last week and this week due one's index finger was bandaged most of the time... so while my finger's been taking a break, the good ol' mind hasn't... so whats been going on last week?

Well first of all we are close to completion in the design and testing of the new Sonneteer prototype for CES, remaining to do is to get the casing sorted which hopefully will all be done by the end of this month, in time so we can take a much needed break during Christmas... for once!

Apart from projects, I have been catching up with a few dealers up and down the country to see what can we do for them to prepare for Christmas and the new season coming, and Haider has been doing pretty much the same with some overseas customers. The response we got back from the UK was that the conventional products aren't really moving so some had to discount and some decided to sell the lower end stuff, or the "safe bet" stuff, which of course competes on prices only... (means you don't make much money!). So yep, a lot of moaning...

Now without saying I told you so, we saw this coming 3-4 years back and that vision sparked off the BORO project where the Morpheus is the first to come from it. We wanted to offer something different, stylish and still offers the highest sound quality worthy of the Sonneteer name. Now with the Morpheus we have managed to enter markets and shops we couldn't before, and soon you can catch a glimpse of the Morpheus in more exclusive places... :o)

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