Thursday, 5 November 2009

Service service service!!!

I think time and time again people are forgetting about servicing a customer PROPERLY!

I went to a McD's the other day with a friend... and to save time we decided to go thru the drive in order to get faster fast food, or fast food faster! First there was this girl with a wireless PDA, a wireless headsets with mic, and other gizmos to take our orders. Then we were moved along to the next window where there was this psychic person with good math ability who knew what we ordered and the exact money we had to pay.... then we were moved along to the next window to collect our order... Erm... but we were told to drive along to a parking spot to wait for our orders to be delivered, becasue they were busy in the restaurant... 15 minutes later the order finally arrived but there were no ketchup or knapkins in the bag... sigh... 5 people to serve fast food 15 minutes late and badly!

This is the thing that bothered me. It's fast food right? It's a set menu right? Their job isn't all that difficult right? I haven't ordered a Kobe beef burger did I? But they had people equipped to the teeth to take my money in a split second and they think they have served me? Not even close... I know it's only a McD's but I am definitely "Lovin' it!"

Sadly, this seems to be happening everywhere else too with all these point and click online stores and you still wonder when will it ever arrive! Yes okay if you are getting a bargain then perhaps, and I don't mind waiting for something that's worth waiting for, as long as I'm being kept informed... but if you are selling on speed with (ahem) quality then you better be damn good at both!

Rant over!

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