Friday, 13 November 2009

Blue Ray Blues....

Finally, you can get a BlueRay player for less than £100! and it's a branded one not some Somy Hyachi Fanaponic branded one!!! In fact it's a Philips with nearly all the bells and whistles on it!!! My god! I remember seeing the technology being shown at CES in Las Vegas some 5-6 years ago when it was the size of a microwave and they told me it will be ready in about 3 or 4 years... hmmm was there ever a cash cow period for them? I don't know but in the beginning many opted for the PS3 for its "bargain" BlueRay capability and at the same time the PS3 made some serious losses too...

The past 30 days we sold out our all Byron CD players, something we started making about 10 years ago... for the price of about 11 of those BlueRay players... so would I suggest making a BlueRay player? Nope... streaming is the future for me (well, to me anyway).


  1. Remo,
    Does that mean you won't be making Byrons anymore or just to order?

  2. No, the last batch was sold out thats all, and we will still be making them again in small batches until the vital parts finally runs out.
    When that happens we will either source some old stock or redesign a new one. The problem is the Byron is sonically so hard to beat regardless of technology and price we have some work to do if we have to use a new part lol!