Friday, 8 January 2010

2nd day at CES

Sorry peeps been too busy to get any pics sorted... the show so far has been quite good for us... with many visitors and press coming to see our range of products and the Morpheus System is going from strength to strength.

Now with the Morpheus Server, it all seems to make so much more sense to the visitors and it makes it so much easier for us to explain the Morpheus home audio system to new faces! It is also quite exciting to customers tempted to order the Morpheus server in different colours too! Okay to begin with we have taken order for a Black one from a conservative customer, but soon we have taken orders for a Electric Blue one, a Titanium coloured one and soon we will be taking order for a Bordeaux one too- one of my favourite colour! (you can catch what it looks like on the Sonneteer news blog page).

This year, it seems more people are appreciating the convenience of storing their CD collections electronically especially if it its a simple no-brainer operation to do it... just stick a CD in and wait till it comes back out and it's done... and with the Morpheus they can listen to their favourite tunes just as easily....

With so much interest we need to paddle quickly on this one and we hope to start shipping them out in March! So with the Morpheus Server almost put to bed I can now start working on something new which has been in the think tank for the last year or so... :o)

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