Monday, 4 January 2010

Las Vegas here we go again!

Yup it's that time of the year and we are going to the CES show in Las Vegas and showing off our current and latest creation the Morpheus Server

A couple of posts ago I briefly mentioned the server and finally I am allowed to talk a bit more about it yay!!! Well here it goes...

The new Morpheus Server will hopefully serve as the heart of our music system where the user can store all his or her music in one place. It also has a CD ripper built-in so the user only needs to pop it into its slot and go make a cup of tea (or coffee) and by the time the tea (or coffee) is ready, so is the music ready to be served up using the Morpheus Music centre or any streaming device! For those who are disorganised by nature such as myself, it will categorise the music for you together with album art and of course all the details of the Artist etc. As a server, you can stream any song or the same song to multiple devices around your home, controlled by the remote control that came with your streaming device, or using an i-Pod touch or i-Phone running an application called PlugPlayer

Taking a detailed look at the Morpheus when you have a chance, you will find the Morpheus is rather special. First time you switch it on you'd swear that it is not working! (When Haider borrowed the prototype to play with he actually wasn't sure either!). Why? Because it is silent! If you have ever used a PC or another high-end server, you will probably frown at the amount of noise it makes, and not to mention vibration. They are not products designed to be installed in a living room, or indeed, your listening room... I certainly wouldn't have one of those anywhere near me at any cost.

When designing the Morpheus, the challenges this time are not only surrounding the electronics, but also with the mechanics involved. Think about it, most of servers and especially PC's used as a server will have at least 2 or 3 fans... some of them are exposed outside of the case and they all go like wooooooooooo wooooooooo.... and they also have grills and vents leaking even more noise from within. The Morpheus fan count is ZERO, and it's a sealed unit so no leaks! But what about the mechanical noise? Barring the minute CD noise that only occurs when it is copying a CD, the Morpheus Server also has two high speed 1.5TB hard drives spinning continuously at 7400 revolutions per minute. Like it or not they will create noise and worst of all, they will vibrate and resonate with its surroundings. Now that the real challenge and a half becasue each home is a different surrounding and we cannot predict that!

A little more about the Morpheus mechanics later... I'm tired and I'm flying in 12hours and will have ample time to write about it on the 747... :o)

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