Friday, 1 January 2010

Here's to 2010

Wow it's been a while since my last post and next thing I know its 2010!!!

Well CES is just around the corner and you may recall we were busy getting the next idea ready! Much debate during 2009 in the Sonneteer camp on what to do next and believe me when I tell you that we don't seem to lack ideas here... far from it... Haider often got his straight jacket on the ready for me sigh!

We had several choices... upgrades or add-ons for the Morpheus, another Morpheuesque product, or something totally different. In the end it was felt that if we were to promote Sonneteer's idea of a modern music system, the heart of the system would need to be there, and the Morpheus isn't that, it is more of a facility, with lots of style of course!

So what is it? Well we tried and tried in the office, long journeys, telephone conversations and emails to decide how to call it. If we went geeky then we would call it a Media Server... which we hated. However each time we tried to explain what it does to the parties interested, they always say: "Oh, you mean a music server?"... so in the end, we can't escape from the fact that the "server" name is on everyone's tongue and it is not likely to change... so, okay then, its the Sonneteer Morpheus Server! No can we move on?

Right... so it's a computer right? Sort of, but not as we know it! We needed this to be not like a computer at all... but a dedicated piece of equipment for entertainment. For us, PC will never belong in a living room. It has to be simple to use, reliable, super quiet and easy on the eye. Sounds simple until you know whats going on inside it!

More later...

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